Unplugged Video from Jeffery Deaver’s XO – The Album

With “Nashville” being one of the top TV shows now, we’ve done our own Bluebird Cafe homage.

“Mr. Tomorrow” was recorded in acoustically live non-surround sound at Parnassus Books in Nashville, Tennessee during one of Jeffery Deaver’s book signings.

Mr. Tomorrow” is from “Jeffery Deaver’s XO – The Album,” the recorded music to Deaver’s internationally bestselling novel.

The album is available everywhere on American Blackguard Records.

If you haven’t taken advantage of the FREE download of “Your Shadow,” get it here.

To all our friends throughout the world who are kicking this album up the charts: dan san, vandane, khuu’ a, thank you, manbote, anaa basee, danke, erokamano, chjoonta, merci, diolch yn fawr, gracia, merbani, salamot, sewa…

“Jeffery Deaver’s XO – The Album” is executive produced by Clay Stafford and Jeffery Deaver, produced by Clay Stafford and Ken Landers with lyrics by Jeffery Deaver and music by Clay Stafford and Ken Landers.

Video and song © 2012 AbGun Records, LLC.  Administered by American Blackguard Records, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.  http://www.americanblackguard.com

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